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Information Governance

Regulatory compliance

CEMBooks V2 systems are compliant with the NHS DSP toolkit.

https://www.dsptoolkit.nhs.uk/OrganisationSearch/8KA51 and IED Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioners office/  IED Ltd are Cyber essentials certified and have a director with responsibility for Information governance and data protection.

Local data considerations.

The deploying organisation should ensure that this has been approved by the appropriate IG services within the Organisation.  This usually takes place during the procurement phase and involves the completion of a Data Protection Impact assessment form.  The CEMBooks team have experience of completing these assessments and can provide support or previous case studies to support the completion of a DPIA.

CEMBooks is primarily designed for operational site data. IED Ltd is a data processor and the deploying organisation retains responsibility for the content posted on CEMBooks as the data controller.

A “CEMBooks – code of conduct” document should be considered to ensure that use of the system complies with deploying organisation communication policies and that CEMBooks is a recognised communication tool within the Organisation.  This may be a s simple as your organisations social media policy or you may want a specific policy that we can help with drafting.  

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