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Account Management


As part of implementation it is strongly advised that a user manager policy is created by the deploying organisation.  Previous examples/templates can be provided.  

Adding and managing users

Initially users can be added by the CEMbooks team as part of set up, but then this responsibility returns to the Departmental admins and User managers of the deploying organisations.

Users are added through email invitation only and the domain name can be specified. For example a deploying organisation may decide that users have to be invited through @nhs.net email accounts.  Users should be added with an expiry date and user lists should be reviewed regularly to ensure they are in date.  Invites can be resent by user managers if required.  Once an account has been activated password resets can only be done for the “reset password” function on the web browser login page.

Rotating to a new organisation?

User rotating to another organization will need to leave their current organization before they can be added to their new organization.

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