Emergency Department Software

Manage patient handover, case management and department scheduling with CEMBooks emergency room software.

  • Logs enable capture of events like handover, ward metrics, specialty interactions, equipment or estate issues, bronze /silver / gold command actions, site reports etc. in a standardised, transparent and searchable way.
  • Sit rep reporting of key performance indicators and structured narratives, opel scored and directly linked to Role based escalations. 
  • CEMBooks Resource manager hosts standard operating policies, procedures and pathways to allow easy access, version control and avoid having to print, photocopy and put on walls or emails.

Emergency Department Software Features

SitRep dashboard within CEMBooks

Situation Reports

Customised situation reports allow quick collation of standardised key performance indicators (KPI’s) to describe a departments operational status.

  • direct entry via web, iOS / Android,
  • KPI translation to weighted Operational Pressure and Escalation Level (OPEL) thresholds
  • Overall departmental OPEL Score.
  • Structured Narratives to support KPI metrics for complementary information
  • Scheduling of situation reporting
  • Automatic data feed of KPI data through CEMBooks open API or Manual
  • Mention, or tag colleagues or roles (eg site matron).
  • Escalation actions triggered based on the KPI’s
  • Organisational overview of latest OPEL state of the whole organisation or any department
  • Drill down to the contributory factors to understand, comment or complete escalation actions.
  • Sit Reps recorded alongside event logs, comments and escalations creating an overall departmental timeline from disparate events.

Event Logs

Logs can be created to aid users capture events or record routine actions. Logs types can be customised to contain free text, numbers, tables or multiple option check lists to allow standardised data entry. Logged alongside situation reports, escalations and comments creating an overall departmental timeline from disparate events. Simple completion on web, iOS / Android, saved to the appropriate department in a transparent and searchable way. Mention people in roles or comment on Logs.

  • Routinely used to capture events like
  • Handover
  • Ward metrics
  • Specialty interactions
  • Equipment or estate issues
  • Bronze /silver / gold command meetings & actions
  • Site reports
Image Escalations dashboard with CEMBooks
Image Escalations dashboard with CEMBooks

Escalation Management

Cembooks escalation engine allows specific KPI’s entered during sitrep entry trigger escalation actions that can be assigned to specific staff roles for completion.

  • Staff notifications of escalations assigned to them direct on their android or iOS devices.
  • Different escalations triggered at different times of day
  • Different escalations triggered dependent on KPI thresholds
  • Commentary around escalation actions
  • Escalation completion monitoring
  • Analysis of usage, efficacy, and obstacles to completion.
  • Logged together alongside the situation reports, logs, and comments creating an overall departmental timeline rom disparate events.

Resource Management

CEMBooks Resource manager allows the upload of resources to avoid having to print, photocopy, laminate and put multiple copies on walls around the department or distribute via email and then maintain. Each resource is attributed to an Author with a clear expiration date, allowing easy governance around what is and isn’t in date and needs reviewing by who.

  • Upload of standard operating policies, procedures and pathways
  • Expiration dates, version control
  • Descriptions and keyword search for easy identification
  • Clear attribution to author
  • Resource manager role to assist streamlined governance process through CEMBooks
  • Accessible from the website, android or iOS devices.
Phonebook within CEMBooks
Image Escalations dashboard with CEMBooks

Quality Assurance

CEMBooks is the perfect system for monitoring compliance with policies or assurance on maintaining safety in difficult times. Even in an overcrowded department you can still be sure that dignity and safety checks are being completed. Go paper lite and transfer any paper checklists into a CEMBooks customised log. Visible, searchable with clear date/time/author stamp.

  • Resources have defined author and review dates with email reminders ensuring SOP’s remain up to date
  • Customisable logs – create checklists, safety/assurance logs to document the checks that take place to maintain safety
  • Visibility of ward metrics or checklist completion any time anywhere
  • Escalations are approved and authorised – reduce variation under stress.

Phonebook & Roles

CEMBooks facilitates searching for important numbers, be they for people, places or roles straight from desktop, android or iOS devices.

  • Search for people, roles or places
  • Be assigned roles
  • Sign in and out of roles, or take over a role at handover
  • Understanding of shifts, logs users out automatically
  • Notifications of rolle mentions / escalations
  • Search shows results of people in roles

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