Real time - all the time CEMBooks increases visibility to ensure safe patient care and improve operational resilience.
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Regulator Endorsements
CEMBooks-testimonials Care Quality Commission outstanding practice

The service had implemented a patient flow team who inputted to CEMBooks. This team freed up time that unit coordinators would have spent looking at staffing and bed availability. Since the last inspection there has been a significant improvement with the access and flow through the department.

Bradford ED
CEMBooks-testimonials Care Quality Commission outstanding practice

The application enabled key performance information to be shared by senior medical and nursing staff and supported staff members in responding quickly to mitigate identified risks to patients.

Leeds ICU
CEMBooks-testimonials NHS Improvement review of Escalation processes

We were impressed with both the simplicity of CEMBooks, but also the fact that, once the departments escalation status has been calculated, it gives an automatic prompt to the nurse in charge, detailing what actions needed to be considered. This means that the nurse in charge does not have to go searching for any escalation cards. Equally, it serves as a very helpful support tool to aid more junior nursing staff when they are in charge of the department.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals
Customer Testimonials

CEMBooks gave us local control of our clinical guidelines and the ability to build KPI’s to support rapidly changing COVID pressures this year.

Paediatric Consultant

It really is brilliant thank you so much also for helping us change and adapt it to our ICU needs especially now. It’s been crucial in helping keep on top of things remotely too.

Senior Nurse

CEMBooks allows us to gather the information we need for operational meetings, accurately in one place, escalate appropriately and is visible where I am on the app.

Head of Nursing

CEMBooks has been shown to save up to 600 minutes per week for Emergency Department staff who are waiting for switchboards to answer just to find phone numbers!

Emergency Department Consultant
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Notifications & Messaging 6 Resources & Phonebook 5 Roles 4 Escalation Mitigation Tracking 3 Organisational Overview 2 Situation Reports & Logs 1
Situation Reports & Logs

Timed situational report ensures that the latest status information is visible and can be pulled from existing systems.

Organisational Overview

The Organisational Overview shows the status of every department in the organisation and links directly to them.

Escalation Mitigation Tracking

Escalation tracking monitors the mitigations taken to resolve elevated status.


Role assignment makes escalations meaningful and creates a responsibility and accountability framework.

Resources & Phonebook

Access to Resource documents, guidelines and phone numbers allows users to do their jobs better.

Notifications & Messaging

Notification and Messaging improves communication across an organisation.

Product Update – CEMBooks V2.18

Sprint 18 has now come to a close with the latest release pushed to live on the 3rd September 2021.

Want to know more about how CEMBooks could help you? Get a comprehensive demo from our CEMBooks experts.