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Android App!
Stuart Nuttall Friday 28 January 2022

Big news for CEMBooks this week.  Our very first CEMBooks V2 Android App hit the Google Play store this week. Please be gentle!!  This is our first foray into the Android world (and about time too, I hear some of you shout).  Future App updates will be released simultaneously for iOS and Android.  

We hope you enjoy using the App and let us know how it goes.  Feedback is always appreciated to help improve future builds and user experience.

So if you want to capture handover, walk arounds, sit reps and escalations while having an organisational phone book and guideline repository in the palm of your hand drop us a message today and we’ll see what we can do to help  get you up and running in just a couple of hours.

Product Update V2.22
Stuart Nuttall Saturday 8 January 2022

Happy New Year everyone from all of us at CEMBooks. We hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and are ready to roll into 2022. Winter always seems a daunting time, but the days are getting longer, the nights that little bit shorter and the Spring Classics are just around the corner and we’ll be on our way to Summer.

Most of our sites are now either migrated or in the process of migration across to V2 and we hope to have this completed across all sites by the end of January.

This week we rolled out sprint 22 which included a large number of bug fixes and site improvements.

iOS Improvements

Improved escalation Ux: escalation actions clearer, quicker to go through.
Old escalations removed from list as incomplete decreasing clutter.
Screen & badge notifications: Sign into roles to get escalations and sit rep notifications.
Mentions now notify.
Offline mode: phone numbers, resources list and previously viewed resource content viewable even when offline. Able to see complete comment when typing in comments.

Web improvements:

Sitrep & log titles wrapping improved.
Editing table structures no longer affects previous table structures / reports.
Escalation engine improvements (fewer rollover escalations).
Expired resources can be opened.
Clearer escalation engine structure (action to be performed, who by, when by).
Clearer escalation attribution: escalations completed relate to lates sitrep.
Daytime savings bug fixed.
Ability to add external system system feeds to multiple departments.
Escalations can now be notified to linked departmental roles.
All resources shows all resources.
@mentions in logs and streps now constantly shown in bold across all platforms.
Changing departmental admin no longer produces error email.
Select / search log type box Ux improved.

On the whole a majority of small but crucial fixes which should make the user experience that little bit better! There will be one further big piece of news from sprint 22 but we’ll leave that for another post next week 😉

As always we welcome any feedback or suggestions that we can bring into the roadmap for 2022 from all our users.

Thanks – Stuart and the team.

Product Update – V2.21
Stuart Nuttall Tuesday 19 October 2021

Big news here at CEMBooks HQ is Sprint 21 was released last week. This includes:

iOS release: 

First release of CEMBooks V2 App: Find it here (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/cembooks-2/id1571916400). Words can’t describe how happy we are to get this out, so here is an emoji instead:😁

We think our customers are going to love the speed and fluidity of the app, and really max out using:

1- living wall for sit reps and customisable logs linked to:

1- notifications & mentions

2- Roles

3- escalations

5- phone book

6- Rulebook

Get it here (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/cembooks-2/id1571916400)

Web & Reactive- New features

Escalation actions are seen in activity, giving a single panel view of coms and activities performed around a situation report

New log selection search function

Web & Reactive- Fixes

Activity typo fixed

Improved mention user experience

Log tables handling of commas and spaces

Living wall ability to search by author name

Reactive scrolling issues

Coming up next: Android App look out for further updates on our Twitter feed @CEMBooks

SN 19/10/21

Product Update – CEMBooks V2.18
Stuart Nuttall Tuesday 7 September 2021

Sprint 18 has now come to a close with the latest release pushed to live on the 3rd September 2021.

The following features have been added to the live production environment

Whats New:

Living wall search & download improvements: Search and download data from logs & sitreps
Phonebook search improvements: better unified results on default searches
Escalations pertaining to a sitrep can be accessed from a sitrep
Mention users / roles improvements: more quickly mention roles and users
Autofilled KPI’s data now show time source data was submitted to the system
Notification improvements: More specific notification alerts

You can’t see this but the native mobile app is nearing completion 😁….

www.cembooks.com landing page improvements.

Bugs Fixed:

Bug duplicating presentation of logs data when opening / closing logs
Bug not allowing closing of logs
Increased comment character allowance
Family tree not scrolling properl in reactive mobile
Fixed rendering issues for tables in reactive web app

We are always happy to hear feedback – leave comments below or email brad@cembooks.com



Introduction – our first blog!
Stuart Nuttall Saturday 4 September 2021

Hello and welcome to the CEMBooks blog site.

Looking for the latest Product info for CEMBOoks V2?

You’re in the right place.

Content on this blog will be:

1/ Product updates as each development sprint is pushed to the live environment,

2/ Updates on the current dev sprint,

3/ Sharing use cases and examples of best practice

Various members of the CEMBooks team will be contributing to the blog to bring you up to date product information as soon as it is released.

We will be publishing on the blog through our landing page at www.CEMBooks.com and distributing via @CEMBooks on Twitter to begin with so please give us a follow.  

Look forward to starting the conversation.