What's New

Product Update – CEMBooks V2.18
Stuart Nuttall Tuesday 7 September 2021

Sprint 18 has now come to a close with the latest release pushed to live on the 3rd September 2021.

The following features have been added to the live production environment

Whats New:

Living wall search & download improvements: Search and download data from logs & sitreps
Phonebook search improvements: better unified results on default searches
Escalations pertaining to a sitrep can be accessed from a sitrep
Mention users / roles improvements: more quickly mention roles and users
Autofilled KPI’s data now show time source data was submitted to the system
Notification improvements: More specific notification alerts

You can’t see this but the native mobile app is nearing completion 😁….

www.cembooks.com landing page improvements.

Bugs Fixed:

Bug duplicating presentation of logs data when opening / closing logs
Bug not allowing closing of logs
Increased comment character allowance
Family tree not scrolling properl in reactive mobile
Fixed rendering issues for tables in reactive web app

We are always happy to hear feedback – leave comments below or email brad@cembooks.com



Introduction – our first blog!
Stuart Nuttall Saturday 4 September 2021

Hello and welcome to the CEMBooks blog site.

Looking for the latest Product info for CEMBOoks V2?

You’re in the right place.

Content on this blog will be:

1/ Product updates as each development sprint is pushed to the live environment,

2/ Updates on the current dev sprint,

3/ Sharing use cases and examples of best practice

Various members of the CEMBooks team will be contributing to the blog to bring you up to date product information as soon as it is released.

We will be publishing on the blog through our landing page at www.CEMBooks.com and distributing via @CEMBooks on Twitter to begin with so please give us a follow.  

Look forward to starting the conversation.